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What are the advantages of using axial magnetic field motor for electric vehicle wheel motor
  Electric vehicle hub motor drive system, everyone is known to install the motor in the electric vehicle tire to do the drive, but the harsh use environment makes the reliability of the motor fa
Feb 23,2023 Tag: Axial magnetic field motor
Successful realization of forward and reverse rotation axial flux motor
It can be seen from the figure that it is a 12-slot 24-stage motor with an inclined winding coil winding in the middle, then the parameters to be simulated are determined, and a 3d model of the axial
What are the advantages and applications of high-speed axial field motors?
the axial field motor itself, due to the flat structure, the axial size is small, but it is larger in the radial direction, which belongs to the type of disc motor. Then, when running at high speed, t
Dec 30,2022 Tag: Robot Joint Motor
How to make leek pancakes
We all love leek pancakes, and sometimes it's nice to have a change of pace when you get bored with the usual pancakes.The leek pancakes are very easy to make, you just need to add leeks to the ingred
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to make stir-fried chicken gizzards
Chicken gizzards are the internal organs of a chicken, and many people like to cook with them, and stir-frying them is the most common way.Stir-fried chicken gizzards are easy to make, and the easiest
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to cook snail
The snail is a very popular ingredient in the south, and there are many ways to prepare it, but it usually has a fishy smell, so before cooking, the snail should be soaked in water for 1-2 days, and t
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
What to do if your smartphone gets into water
Some users may accidentally drop their smartphones into water when using them in general, and often when they encounter such a situation, some users are overwhelmed.So how to do when your smartphone i
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to make fried noodles
In our country, many places noodles are eaten most of the time are boiled noodles to eat, but the noodles will be used to stir-fry, fried as a dish, but there is still a certain difference between fri
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to Make Casserole Congee
The various types of casserole congee commonly found in the Guangdong area have become a system of their own.Casserole congee is cooked over an open fire.When the congee is seven or eight minutes cook
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to make steamed pork with vermicelli
Vermicelli steamed pork is a home-made dish with a long history in Sichuan cuisine.It is a popular dish for many banquets and is loved by people.What is the authentic way to make steamed pork?Let's ta
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to make bean curd flowers
Douhua is actually bean curd flowers, which are very simple to make.They are more tender and soft than tofu, and are usually savory and spicy in the north, and often served with sugar or brown sugar i
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
How to eat loofah
Loofah can be eaten in many ways, the flesh of the loofah green in white, whether fried, or soup, or blanched cold, or with vegetarian and meat, the taste is pure and fresh, very pleasing to the eye.H
Oct 27,2022 Tag:
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